The Open Air Exhibition of the Armament of the Polish Armed Forces - a branch of Muzeum Karkonoskie (The Karkonosze Mountains Museum) in Jelenia Góra, which has existed since the autumn 2001, is presently one of the biggest military profiled museum exhibitions in Lower Silesia. Since the very beginning its museum activities has been mainly involved in:

Preserving, maintaining and widening the existent since the 70s of the 20th century Exhibition of Heavy Armament;

Creating a new - unique in Poland and rare in Europe - Exhibition of Radiolocation Equipment;

Preserving numerous memorabilia left after Jelenia Góra garrison and creating a new permanent exhibition presenting the history of Jelenia Góra Garrison since the Prussian times until the Centre of Radiolocation Training - the last military unit stationed in Jelenia Góra - was dissolved.

The Guide to Open Air Exhibitions of the Polish Armed Forces Armament gets the readers acquainted with the effects of our work regarding the first two tasks. In May 2008, the exhibition „THE KARKONOSZE MOUNTAINS MILITARY WARE - the military history of the Karkonosze Mountains and Jelenia Góra Valley" was opened to visitors. A brochure dedicated to this exhibition is being presently prepared.

I would like to show my gratitude and thank our sponsors: Centrum Naukowo-Produkcyjne Elektroniki Profesjonalnej (the Scientific & Manufacturing Centre for Professional Electronics) RADWAR PLC, who financially support activities of the Open Air Exhibition and without whose involvement we could not have published this guide, SOMBiN - Stanislaw Tyrała, Co, which has facilitated and prepared the grounds for the Exhibition of Radiolocation Equipment in Łomnica as well as PLAN Publishers for facilitating the plans used in the Guide.

Over the last year the Open Air Exhibition gained two new patrons: 23rd Silesian Artillery Brigade from Bolesławiec and 3rd Radio Technical Brigade from Wrocław. Thanks to their assistance and the assistance of others sponsors, it was possible to carry out conservation work on the exhibited military equipment presented at the Open Air exhibition.

Stanisław Wilk

kierownik Skansenu Uzbrojenia Wojska Polskiego
- oddziału Muzeum Karkonoskiego w Jeleniej Górze

The Patrons of the Open Air Exhibition:

23rd Silesian Artillery Brigade, Bolesławiec
3rd Radio-Technical Brigade, Wrocław.



Opening hours:
Tuesday-Sunday 9:00-17:00
Tuesday-Sunday 9:00-16:00
The museum closed on Mondays